Kelli Roop, ISR Master Instructor with Kate Armentano, ISR Instructor

Kate Armentano, ISR Instructor in training with Kelli Roop, Certified ISR Master Instructor

Owning Your Own Business

Owning your own business can seem like a daunting task. Indeed, when researching ways to become self-employed, there are almost more cautionary tales than there are encouraging articles and testimonials from people who have successfully transitioned from being an employee to owning their own business; and that is to say nothing of the statistics online virtually bombarding a prospective entrepreneur about the percentage of people who attempt to start their own business and end up unsuccessful!

The truth is, there is more than one way to become a business owner, with varying levels of risk associated with each. At Infant Swimming Resource, each ISR Instructor is an independent contractor, and an independent ISR Business Owner, which affords a wide framework in which to operate. with some guidelines of course, but generally speaking, becoming an independent contractor here at ISR offers you the opportunity to operate your own business, set your own hours, set your own fees, and be paid directly by your clients.

Your Business, Our ISR Brand

Perhaps one of the most significant challenges facing a new business owner, or someone who would like to start their own business, is the staggering cost and inherent difficulty in building a brand. Similarly, becoming a well-known provider of a specific product or service apart from other companies can be seemingly insurmountable to the new business owner, but the good news is, this is where ISR really shines!

Our ISR brand is the most widely and readily recognized in the industry we pioneered over 50 years ago: survival swimming lessons for infants and young children. Today, ISR is the recipient of tens of millions of views on sites like YouTube® and Facebook® and is routinely featured on national and international news stations like Fox, CNN, NBC, The Daily Mail, and the BBC (to name a few!). In fact, in addition to being spotlighted by nearly a dozen international and prominent national news programs, in 2016 alone, ISR and ISR Instructors were featured on more than 410 local news pieces!

Between partnerships with major hospitals, JCCs, YMCAs, our viral videos, virtually constant news coverage, and unparalleled engagement on social media platforms, ISR is the largest and most well known in the space we pioneered over 50 years ago which makes us uniquely suited to assist each independent ISR Instructor in becoming an owner of an ISR Business that meets their own individual goals and aspirations.

Business Building Support When You Need It, Freedom When You Don’t

As you might imagine, we’ve learned a thing or two in the last five decades about what contributes to particularly amazing success in building an independent ISR Business. From our veteran ISR Instructors with decades of experience, to our newest ISR Instructor who has just become certified, ISR makes our most effective business-building support tools available to all Instructors. We know our Instructors primary focus is providing the safest and most effective ISR lesson for each student, each day. As such, we provide quick, easy, and free options for our Instructors who want grow their business through things like professional advertisements and a customized website.

But what if you’re becoming an Infant Swimming Resource Instructor after a long and distinguished career in web design? That’s great – and of course you can create your own website. Our Advertising Resource Team is there to help Instructors who’d rather create their own materials. In fact, some of the best ideas we use to help our newest ISR business owners grow came from things we would have never thought of… and instead, came from the creativity drawn from the diversity of experience within our ISR Instructor Team. The business building tools we provide to ISR Instructors are completely optional but always available constantly being updated and refined.


Becoming an ISR Instructor and starting your ISR business is a big step! With the support we provide for both in-water professional development and business building, our Instructors enjoy a lot of flexibility in how and when they work, how quickly their business grows, and how many students they reach. Whether your goal is to teach full time or to supplement another career with a business in very part time hours, when you become an ISR Instructor, we’re there to help you reach whatever goal you set. Perhaps the greatest strength of our corporate structure is the fact that we, as a company, share a mutual interest with each ISR Instructor in seeing him or her become as successful as he or she possibly can be; which is why we have a world of support for you here at ISR that is solely focused on your growth and professional development.

Quality Assurance

The flexibility that Infant Swimming Resource Instructors enjoy doesn’t come at a cost to our high standards for safe and effective instruction. As you consider becoming an ISR Instructor, you can rest assured that our rigorous initial training, ongoing professional education, Instructor Support Teams, and annual re-certification are all focused on maintaining the quality and consistency of instruction that parents have come to expect from each ISR Instructor.

“If you want to make a difference, keep looking at ISR”

There’s a world of support and a global team of professionals ready to welcome you here at ISR. Ultimately, growing our team, and ensuring each member of it as happy and productive is the only way we can sustainably grow to improve access to what we know to be the safest most effective survival swimming lessons for infants and young children. As you consider becoming an ISR Instructor and owning your own business, perhaps the best people to hear from are current ISR Instructors. Each one of our Instructors has their unique story to share. Please take a few minutes to watch the video below as they share their own experiences since becoming ISR Instructors and joining our worldwide team of professionals working to see the day when Not One More Child Drowns.

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