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ISR Instructor Training Program

Thinking of Training with ISR?

Are you thinking of training with ISR to become an independent Infant Swimming Resource business owner? Whether you are looking to own your own business to gain control of your own schedule, or have seen the results of ISR first hand and want to know you’re making a difference everyday in your professional life, if you’re thinking of training with ISR to become an Infant Swimming Resource Instructor, let us be the first to tell you, there’s a world of opportunity for you here at ISR, and you’ll definitely hear that from our more than 500 ISR Instructors!

From our viral videos to our seemingly annual wave of international news pieces each year, our ISR Students have done a phenomenal job showcasing their ISR Self-Rescue® Skills proving to parents around the globe that a moment’s inattention should not cost a child her life. Now, more than ever, ISR is recognized as the premiere source of what we pioneered over 50 years ago: one of a kind survival swimming lessons for infants and young children ages 6 months to 6 years old; which, in turn, has created a significant demand for our ISR lessons provided by Certified ISR Instructors, and in order to meet that demand, we need a bigger team!

Why ISR?

If you’re thinking of training with Infant Swimming Resource, you are likely either considering all of your options to own your own aquatic-related business, baby swim school, or you are looking to make a change in your professional endeavor, and this is where training with Infant Swimming Resource really shines. Since 1966, our ISR brand is the hands-down most recognizable one when it comes to survival swimming lessons, our website and affiliate sites get several million visitors each month, and that isn’t us bragging: it’s an example of the number of potential clients our brand generates for each of our ISR Instructors. Additionally, we have continually refined the tools needed when creating a successful independent business, and we put those tools in the hands of our ISR Instructors starting the day they’re certified (but our support and your involvement in our organization starts well before that!).

From the moment you enter our ISR Instructor Training Program, you step into a different world, with the confidence that comes with the knowledge that that your 500+ future colleagues, who have all stood where you’re standing, now own their own successful ISR businesses, and that our ISR staff is there to support you every step of the way.


“I’ve been thinking about training with ISR, but how do I become an ISR Instructor?” This is a question we get relatively frequently from people thinking about training with Infant Swimming Resource, and one we are happy to answer! The process for becoming an ISR Instructor starts when you submit your application here: and complete the interview process, background check, and final interview. After being approved for the ISR Instructor Training Program, and paying your ISR Tuition & Licensing Fee, you will be paired with one of our ISR Master Instructors at which point schedules will be coordinated and your ISR Instructor Training will begin. Once your in-water training starts, you’ll be in the water on the first day working with infants and young children along with your ISR Master Instructor for the next 6 weeks and meeting afterwards each day to complete your ISR academic training, out of the water. During this process, your ISR Master Instructor and you will be in close communication with several members of our ISR staff to ensure your ISR Training is going smoothly. Once you complete your ISR Instructor Training Program, members of our team will assist you in the creation of your own ISR website, arrange for your access to the multitude of advertising resources and training available to you, offer assistance as you secure a teaching location, if needed, and give you the tools you will need to build a reliable base of clients that will sustain your ISR Business for years to come!

I’m Thinking of Training with ISR, but…

We want to hear it, and we are open to any question you may have! For more than 50 years we have continually refined the way in which people train with ISR to become ISR Instructors. We know that, while our core focus lies within making sure each Certified ISR Instructor is ready to provide a safe and effective ISR Lesson on day one, we also know there is so much more to owning your own business than the actual provision of the service or sale of the good. It’s important to know that ISR only succeeds when its individual Instructors succeed, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have a vested interest in your success and happiness as part of our team, and we have the staff, brand, and proven methodology to make sure you write your own ISR Success Story.

Until every child can do this:

…we need a bigger team!

What Our Instructors are Saying:

“ I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, I still get chills…”

“It’s life changing, just really being able to control your schedule have something that works as your family grows or just feeling that you are something way greater than what you are, this team, what we can give.”

“The support that is offered after the certification process has been, even now after my 5th year, fantastic”

“Honestly, I was really apprehensive about even submitting my application because it was such a huge departure from the professional world I was used to, but now that my business is booming and I have more flexibility that I ever did, and knowing the difference I make each day, I just can’t imagine going back to the corporate world”

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