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ISR Instructor Training Program

Are you thinking about joining the Infant Swimming Resource Team by becoming an ISR Instructor, but you’re having a difficult time determining what the cost would be? We can help!

Making the decision to become an independent ISR business owner, by becoming a Certified Infant Swimming Resource Instructor, is a significant one and of course, cost is a consideration. While a short dollar figure would certainly be easier, the truth is, the cost to become an ISR Instructor varies depending on a number of factors including which of our training formats best meet your needs. In all cases, becoming an ISR Instructor and owning your own ISR Business has never been more accessible.

Two Stage Pricing and Virtual Training Tools

Now more than ever, flexibility, the ability to work from home, own your own business, and to be your own boss is important; and to facilitate the growth of our ISR Team to meet the unprecedented demand for ISR lessons, ISR has launched new enhanced training modules that now can be completed at home and has divided the ISR Instructor training fee into two halves. There’s never been a better time to become an ISR Instructor, and becoming an ISR Instructor has never been more accessible than it is now. To learn more about this option, flexibility, and programs designed to help you become your own boss, and make a difference in your community, click Apply Now to talk with our team.

ISR Pay It Forward Scholarship for ISR Instructor Training

“I have owners/managers from many private and public pools in River Falls and surrounding communities who beg me to teach lessons at their facilities. Currently, I teach from my private pool and a public pool at my hometown 20 minutes away. I could teach 24/7/365 and still not reach all of the interested families.”
-Missy L. ISR Instructor River Falls, WI

Infant Swimming Resource, in 2012, launched the ISR Pay It Forward Scholarship in an effort to remove any barrier preventing our next great ISR Instructor from joining our team and bringing access to ISR lessons to families in communities without adequate access to what is widely recognized as the world’s safest most effective survival swimming lessons for infants and young children. Similarly, community service has been a cornerstone of ISR’s culture since its inception in 1966, and it is our ultimate goal to see the day when no family is turned away from ISR lessons for their little ones based on their ability to pay. Combining these two elements, Infant Swimming Resource created a structure whereby approved recipients of the ISR Pay It Forward Scholarship would pay a significantly reduced fee to become ISR Instructors and independent business owners, in exchange for their commitment to, within 24 months of being certified, provide free lessons to 10 children. Talk with a member of our team to learn more about this training scholarship option.

ISR Financing: An In-house Flexible Solution

As you might imagine, we talk with our colleagues each day, and more and more we were hearing that the cost of becoming an ISR Instructor nearly prevented some of our most valued ISR Instructors from ever realizing their goal of owning their own business while making a difference with ISR. Realizing that investments in human capital, like college tuition or post graduate studies, were converging to create a formidable barrier to entry for great ISR Instructors, Infant Swimming Resource launched its own in-house financing department in 2015. The ISR Financing department is wholly owned and funded by ISR, which means our teammates have a significant amount of flexibility in the approval and application process with our ultimate goal being to see the best candidates become the next successful ISR Instructor. While ISR Financing products cannot be combined with the ISR Pay It Forward Scholarship, each package features a fee-simple, fixed rate, 24-month terms with as little as 30% down, payments beginning once certified, no damaging hard credit checks in our online application process and, best of all, quite simply unbeatable interest rates starting at 2.4%! To learn more, talk with a member of our ISR Careers Department in a friendly, pressure free environment, click Apply Now above to talk with our team!

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